Coding Contest

Do you think you’re the best programmer of DKE? Or do you just want to practice your coding skills, look at some interesting problems and have fun? Then the coding contest is for you!

The contest will last for a week (from Friday 30-05 until Friday 06-06) in which you can solve problems is three categories (easy, medium and hard) to earn points. Participation is completely free, so give it a try! You can find all information, rules, dates, files and problems at:

There will be a help meeting (or join if you don’t need help, but just want to work together) on Tuesday 02-06 from 15h until 17h in the common room. Here you can ask all questions. Also, you can earn points with handing in your solutions (see the page for full details) and a leaderboard will be published daily. The person with the most points on Friday 06-06 wins the contest and will be announced in the common room at 15.30.

Good luck to you all!

Any remaining questions can be sent to