Poster Halloween 2012


It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking at the ‘van Bommel’
under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart out of joy
you try to scream, but joy takes the sound before you can make it
you start to run, as excitement looks you right between the eyes
it’s Halloween!

Ladies and gentlemen!

31 October it is Halloween and study associations Luna-tik, Incognito and EUnitas celebrate this together by going trick or treating at ‘Van Bommel‘. But since we’re adults we won’t be trick or treating for candy but for drinks and chats with other creepy monsters! To be sure you receive a treat, members can buy a ticket for €2,50 at the tables in the mensa 2930 and 31 October from 10:30 – 14:30 (UNS 40) or at the DKE common room (Bouillonstraat 8-10) during the book sale from 13:00 till 13:30. For non-members it costs €3,-. Tickets at the door also cost €3,-. Treating will start at 21:30. For early trick or treaters there will be an extra treat in the form of a small drink. Other treats will be special drinks, ‘piekfust’ and a scary (but in a fun way) night! So, come to the Van Bommel on Halloween and treat yourself to a fun night!
The Van Bommel is located at Platielstraat 13 15, 6211 GV Maastricht, in the same street as the Twee Heeren.
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