Block Openings Drink

People of DKE!

It is already the time of the year that we’re going to have our last block openings drink of this year! It will be helt at the faculty garden and common room, so you all know where to find us!

So if you want to join us for a drink:
Location: DKE Faculty
Time: Wednesday June 6th at 20:00
Price: €1 per drink

We hope to see you all there!



Paintball (cancelled)

PaintBall 2012

PaintBall 2012

Yes! It’s that time again. Paintball time!

The annual Incognito P-Day is approaching rapidly, Wednesday June 6th.
If you want to run, crawl and jump in the sun, shoot some of your college-mates with paint,
thís is the one and only moment.

The whole day will cost €20.00 for Incognito members and €25 for non-members.
This includes your paintball outfit, ammunition to make 140 headshots, 4 hours of paint-mayhem, and….. a snack.
Please keep in mind that additional balls will probably be required and cost €8 per 100.

Because we have to travel a small distance, there is a limit to the number of people that can come. (Google maps)
If you want to go paintballing, you have to send a mail with the subject “paintball” to

And if you happen to have a car somewhere (or you can get one from your parents or friends or something) please say so in the mail!
You will of course be compensated if you drive. The more cars that come, the more people that can join!


Please don’t forget to tell us how many passengers you can bring along, if you have a car.


In the mail mention:
If you have a car, and if so, how many people you can bring ALONG (excluding yourself)
– Price: €20.00 for transport, clothing, gun and 140 balls. 100 balls extra for €8
– Time: Meeting @ 11:45 at the parking lot behind the trainstation. Back by 18:00.
– Join? Mail to: