Block Openings Drink 5!

Dear students,

A new block has started, which means there will be a new Block Opening Drink (BOB)! On Wednesday, April 11th starting at 20h.

The theme is “Someting with rockets”, because Apollo 13 launched on April 11th. So if you have an astronaut outfit laying around, you’re free to wear it!

The drink is at the following location: CAFE DE TWEE HEEREN.
Drinks will be €1.

It is situated at Platielstraat 17-19, Maastricht. The pub has two entrance doors. If you take the right one (right from right and left, not from right or wrong;), take the door immediately on your right again and walk upstairs. If you can’t find it, ask at the bar where the Incognito drink is
To check it on Google Maps just click here!

We hope to see you all on Wednesday!

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