Incognito Newsletter, 18 October 2006

Good day, students of Knowledge Engineering. First we want to thank all the people that helped us and visited the cantus. It was a raging success according to us and the feedback we received, especially the day after!
Before the upcoming exams, Incognito has several announcements to make.

  1. Blok Openings Borrel
  2. Booksales for the next block
  3. KUT-Clothing
  4. Membership Cards
  5. Bijbaantje Biologie / Scheikunde Bijles (only Dutch)
  6. Editor for “De Connectie”
  7. Wanted: Active students!

1) “Blok Openings Borrel”

Yes, the exams are only a few days away, but this fortunately also means that the next B.O.B. is only a week further! This time the drink will be held on Wednesday 1 November at the “Ma van Sloun” (across the street) in the room upstairs.
It starts at 20:00h with a ‘piekfust’; this means the beer will only cost “€0,50 cents until the keg is empty”. There is also a theme invented for this drink; LINGO! If you don’t know what “lingo” is, ask your fellow (Dutch) students. We hope to see all students and employees!

2) Booksales for the next block

If you are a member of Incognito, or want to become a member next block, then you have the opportunity to buy books at a 10% discount. The prices are in the attachment of this email.
The schedule for the book sale is:

  • Monday 30th October 13:00 – 13:30 & 15:30 – 16:00
  • Tuesday 31th october 13:00 – 13:30 & 15:30 – 16:00
  • Thursday 2nd November 13:00 – 13:30

As usual, master students have to pre-order their books: contact Mark Punt for books of the Master OR. The deadline for this is Tuesday 24th October.

For the Master AI no books are required.

3) KUT-Clothing

After a long delay, we finally have the K(U)T-Clothing! We really want to thank people for their patience. You can pick up your shirt or polo between 13:00 – 13:30 in room 0.013 on Thursday 19th October and Friday 20th October. If you’re unable to pick it up one of these days, then there’s the opportunity to pick it up during the B.O.B. on the 1st of November.

4) Membership Cards

Some time ago, most of you won’t remember probably, we promised that every member of Incognito would receive a membership card; these are finished and all members can pick them up between 13:00 – 13:30 in room 0.013 on Thursday 19th October and Friday 20th October. Again there’s also the opportunity to pick them up during the B.O.B.

5) Bijbaantje Biologie / Scheikunde Bijles (only Dutch)

Enige weken geleden is er contact met ons opgenomen of er de mogelijkheid was dat er enige studenten bijles konden geven. Het gaat om de middelbare schoolvakken Biologie en Scheikunde. Als jij nog opzoek bent naar een bijbaantje en enige vaardigheden hebt in Biologie en/of Scheikunde, neem dan even contact met ons op.

6) Editor for “De Connectie”

“De Connectie” is an artificial intelligence magazine which appears 4 times a year ( They are currently looking for someone who’s interested to join their editorial staff. They meet about 6 times a year and they idea is that you supply an article written by a teacher or student from Knowledge Engineering in Maastricht. If you’re interested, please contact Maarten Poeth or one of the other Incognito board members.

7) Wanted: Active students!

Incognito is still looking for people that are interested in helping us organizing a party, drinks or other activities. We really need your help to make Incognito an active student association! If you want to help organize an activity or even have a good idea or suggestion, please feel free to contact any board member of Incognito.