2204, 2015

Incognito Plays Pool

April 22nd, 2015|Activity, Events|

Come join us for a game of Pool at Snookercentrum Maastricht. This event will take place on tuesday the 28th of April at 8pm.
We will be reserving a couple of tables so we can all play a couple of games. The exact price will be determined by the amount of people who are actually there, but if you bring 6 euros this should be more than enough.

604, 2015

Secret Of Monkey Island

April 6th, 2015|Activity, Events|

What is the secret of monkey island? many strong men and women have pondered this question for ages. On Monday the 13th of April from 19:00 until 22:00 you will be the new innitiates who will try to find an answer to this question.

You will have to run, climb, jump, evade and show that you are strong enough to face the truth that lies behind the secret. The location of the island is Sportzaal Biesland at Athoslaan 24 (maastricht), but beware, you might not return in one piece.

To join you will have to bring the monkey gods a sacrifice of 5 euros, in return the gods will provide some drinks and snacks to aid you on your quest.

If you think you are worthy, fill in the form below so we know how many allies we will have during our quest.

Good Luck!

(p.s. for the dutch people, yes this is apenkooien)